We’re off to the moon!

It’s been another busy week at our Reading Nursery!


Our Dancing Deers room, which is also known as our preschool room, have had a brilliant week exploring space. For more pictures, check out our Facebook page.


At our Reading Nursery, the staff team always follow the children’s interests. So, after building a rocket in our construction area last week the children began role-play flying to space. There was a lot of excited talk a lot about going to the moon! It made perfect sense therefore, to turn our building site in a space station! And what a marvellous space station it is!


The children have had such a brilliant time with their space station and all things space related!


They have used their fine motor skills to use chalk and used lots of mathematical language to describe the different shapes we might see in space. The children have drawn stars, planets and of course the moon! It was then time to get messy! It wouldn’t be a space station without a papier-mache planet earth! Our Reading Nursery children have a great attention to detail, and the space station included a space satellite computer and asteroids.


As if that wasn’t enough, we continued to learn through play by using blocks to make small world rockets and then did some fantastic mark making with moon sand! That’s maths and literacy covered all through engaging in child-led play!


We have been reading lots of stories about the solar system and space too. If your child is interested in the moon, check out some of The Book Trust’s recommended reads here!


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Reading Nursery

Fri 25th Jan