Holi Festival Celebrations

Happy Monday everyone!┬áIf you are looking for childcare in Reading, here’s a look ahead at our week and what your children could be enjoying at The Wigwam.

21st March 2019 is Holi, and we will be celebrating all week. Holi is a famous Hindu festival. The ritual starts by lighting a bonfire, which symbolises the triumph of good over bad. On the day of Holi, people play with colours with their friends and families. We’re about so much more than just childcare in Reading, and we celebrate many different festivals. It’s a great opportunity to explore different learning activities.

During the week of Holi, which is sometimes known as the Festival of Colour, we will be playing and experimenting with colour all week:

  • Coloured sand, rice and pasta;
  • Plenty of sensory activities;
  • Developing our maths skills by using colour and shape;
  • Getting creative with paint splattering.

There will be plenty of outdoors learning as we decorate our neighbour’s hoarding boards!

Holi is a wonderful time to start talking about Spring and we may even be getting ready for some very special guests in the next few weeks…

If you’d like to find out more about your choices for childcare in Reading, please get in touch!

Fri 22nd Mar