Easter Bonnet Parade

The Annual Wigwam Easter Bonnet Parade is almost upon us. This is always one of the most popular events in the Wigwam calendar and one of the first opportunities in the year to all come together and (*fingers crossed*) get out in the sunshine to enjoy the Spring weather and a picnic tea.

For this event we love you to get involved and get creative at home by making an Easter Bonnet. As well as admiring the wonderful creativity of the children, this event gives us a fantastic opportunity to explore things such as:

  • Shapes and colours – how many yellow items can we count? What shape do we see if we slice an egg in half?
  • Textures – will you add fluffy cottonwood? How about some scratchy green grass…
  • Understanding the world around us – what is the name of a baby chicken? Why do rabbits have such big ears?

Let your children lead the way at our Easter Bonnet Parade on 12th April 2019. We will give out prizes for the best Child Led Easter Bonnet.




Tue 9th Apr