Wigwam Ofsted and Maths Activities

Maths Activities at The Wigwam We’ve been busy with more maths activities at The Wigwam! Activities have included: Counting with stones and matching numbers. Drawing round shapes Opening padlocks with keys All these activities are supporting children’s early maths, understanding of number, positioning, shape recognition, adding, subtracting, sorting and problem solving. While we’re here, we … Continued

Sensory Exploration

Combining sensory play and children’s interests enables a huge opportunity for language and personal and social development. Lots of exploration for our young babies today…  

Mark Making

Our staff today have set up a lovely mark making activity. Mark making and early writing isn’t always about paper and pens. Marks in sand, salt and dough with a range of resources support the opportunity for developing the fine motor skills required to hold a pencil for writing.

Time for Tea!

Anyone for tea? By using authentic resources in the nursery children learn how to treat real objects and take care of them. They are able to feel the weight and the range of material of the resources as well as how to use them to extend their play and imagination.

Counting and Sorting

We have been encouraging counting and sorting today with natural materials and loose parts. Not only does this support progression of the children’s mathematical skills but with the mix of resources – communication, language and social development are supported.  

It’s Feeling Autumnal

The weather has had a definite autumnal feel today and this was reflected in the activities that staff set out for the children. They enjoyed exploring the materials, making new shapes with the pegs and feeling the smooth stones.        

An Update to our Deers Room

Staff in Deers reviewed the children’s space and play opportunities and felt that a change would provide more benefits for self selection, self regulation, choice and exploration. The response from the children who were eager to see their new room was “wow, it looks amazing”. We think it does too!

Early Years Maths Ideas

Early Years Maths Ideas We’ve posted before about early years maths ideas at The Wigwam  and it’s a topic we’re passionate about! Maths is all around us; we don’t have a maths area as we help children explore and learn through all areas of play. Maths is one of the specific areas in the Early … Continued