Elmer Activity Tray

Our babies in Tiny Turtles have been using their love of all things Elmer to discover colour through loose parts in the tuff tray. They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the materials, developing their sensory experiences with a range of resources

Inter generational Project

You may have seen our other posts about the inter generational project that The Wigwam Day Nursery and Preschool is involved with. We are so privileged to be involved with this project. These photos show the amazing connections that are being made between friends. Inter generational relationships are blossoming between our preschool children at Wigwam … Continued

Tuff Tray Activities

Tuff Tray Activities Tuff tray activities are a big hit across all of our rooms. Tuff Tray Activities – Preschool Within our preschool room we have used tuff trays in addition to drain pipes. This allowed the preschoolers to explore water. They used the drain pipes to pour the water and discover how it flows, … Continued