Here at The Wigwam Day Nursery we provide care and education for babies and children – from six weeks old until they go to school. We’re in a beautiful Victorian townhouse in central Reading, and we care for up to 36 children.

Our Ethos

Our ethos

We are a family business, committed to the Early Years sector. We plan to increase our presence in the sector gradually by making further acquisitions. We do not act as “absentee landlords”, preferring to work closely with our management teams to provide them with the training, resources and support they require to deliver the best possible childcare. We work closely with industry experts and “thought leaders” so we can identify opportunities for innovation and continual improvement.


Our values

Feeling safe

When children feel safe, cared for, nurtured and loved, they thrive.

Always learning

Children are naturally curious. We encourage them to learn and grow by providing their first formal education.

Being healthy & well

Being healthy means having nutritious food, a clean and tidy setting, and lots of opportunity to run around. Emotional wellbeing is about feeling heard and loved, and the opportunity to interact with others.


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