World Book Day Celebrations

At The Wigwam Nursery we have a fantastic range of reading materials for the children to enjoy…from childhood favourites to non-fiction material we have something for everyone! While books play a big part in day-to-day nursery life, we love getting involved and celebrating World Book Day! Our babies looked at a favourite story and were … Continued

Our Latest News!

Our wonderful inter-generational visits for our Deers have now all been planned for this half term.  As always the children gain so much from attending St Luke’s care home and the connections they have made with their ‘friends’ the residents.  Look out for photos and hearing all about the children’s adventures Squirrels have a keen … Continued

Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea

Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea Are you on the look out for a Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea? The Christmas break can be overwhelming for the little ones; a different routine, seeing different people and missing their nursery friends. If you’re looking for a fun distraction that you can do together, how about this activity that is … Continued

Hanukkah Activity Idea

Hanukkah Activity Idea We hope you enjoy this Hanukkah Activity Idea! Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights (from 22 to 30 December) and offers many opportunities for fun and joyous celebration. When the weather outside gets very cold families get together to make and decorate biscuits. Biscuits are an integral part of Hanukkah and … Continued

Wigwam Nursery Ofsted

The Wigwam Day Nursery and Preschool in Reading is rated as ‘good’ in all areas by Ofsted Our first Ofsted report as the new owners of the fantastic Wigwam Nursery has been published and we’re delighted with the views from the Inspector. Click here to read more!

Creativity Area!

We just love this amazing area for the children in our Squirrels Room! This range of accessible equipment supports their physical skills, imagination and independence as well as encouraging a love of creativity and mark making, all the things that help to begin their literacy journey…

Christmas Sensory Bag

Christmas Sensory Bag Make a magical Christmas Sensory Bag . Christmas can be such a magical time! Lots of opportunities for visiting Christmas markets, seeing the festive lights, exploring new sights and smells. And of course, Christmas trees! Children love Christmas trees, the ornaments are so sparkly, shiny and colourful that they want to play … Continued

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

The children have been creating Christmas wreaths today. They were given a range of brushes to use, including a shaving brush allowing for a greater hand grip. They had great fun deciding how they wanted it to look, but the question of the day is, can you ever have too much glitter at Christmas?

Black and White Areas for Babies

Black and white areas for babies We are often asked why we have black and white areas for babies. At The Wigwam we know that in the first year of life there are limitations to what babies can see properly but they respond well to simple bold patterns with high contrast. These types of toys … Continued

Small World Play

Small World Play Small world play is used to describe imaginative play which allows children to act out scenarios, using ‘small’ toys and objects. The imagination really can run wild with small world play; children can immerse themselves in scenes from real life, stories or just completely use their imaginations. Small world scenes often focus … Continued