Fantastic food

“Small, friendly, personal service and fantastic food – my children love The Wigwam and so do I. The recent change to 7am – 7pm opening has changed my life – instead of the stressful race to get back from work and worry about traffic, I now have a stress free drive, safe in the knowledge the children will be happily playing when I get there, even if it’s after 6pm. Because it’s a small nursery the staff know all of the children and parents really well so everyone you talk to talks about your child with real personal knowledge and insight. I’ve also been impressed with The Wigwam’s record of developing their people. Since my children have been there, I’ve watched various members of staff grow in confidence, gain qualifications and be rewarded with promotion. It’s great to see good performance encouraged and rewarded in this way…”

Aileen Peirce

Mother of Eva age 4 years and 6 months