Dancing Deers
(3-5 years)

Welcome to Dancing Deers, otherwise known as our pre-school room. We know it’s scary to associate your baby with preparing for school already, and at The Wigwam we take every care in getting the balance right between preparing them for the beginning of their formal education and still allowing them the freedom and opportunity to learn through play.

Supported by our knowledgeable team, children take part in worthwhile learning experiences across all seven areas of learning of the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

We want our children in pre-school to become resilient, encouraging them to be persistent and have a belief in themselves. We do this by following the theories of Malaguzzi.

All children have curiosity and potential and an interest in relationships. They construct their knowledge and are prepared to engage with everything presented to them by their environment. We see children as people in their own right who can contribute rather than feeling disenfranchised and helpless. Our staff encourage children to reflect upon their learning by allowing them time to talk and for them to share their own ideas.

Children are naturally driven to explore everything we want them to. Our staff provide the opportunities in the environment and the space for them to explore those things by scaffolding, guiding and supporting them through that learning as opportunities present themselves. Children have free access to a wide range of learning opportunities and resources within their environment and are encouraged to move between the indoor and outdoor learning environment freely.

Children in pre-school take part in activities to develop their mathematical, literacy and mark- making skills. These are developed through a play-based curriculum, ensuring that children have fun whilst they learn and arrive at school with a love of learning.

As part of the final transition that children experience at The Wigwam, we work closely with local schools, providing opportunities such as school visits, including school uniforms in our role play areas and creating picture books to help familiarise the children with their new environment.

We look forward to welcoming you on a tour of the nursery, and to meet the Dancing Deers’ team soon.

Leanne Davies – Level 5 Diploma in Leadership

(Children and Young People’s Advanced Practice)

Dancing Deers Room Leader


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