Nursery Fees

Our day nursery fees are very competitively priced and are all-inclusive to make life easier for you.

Our nursery fees are inclusive of :

  • Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and tea and all refreshments.
  • Your child’s formula milk and an individualised menu when they wean
  • Nappies, creams and wipes
  • Specialist classes on the days your child attends nursery

We offer full days from 8am – 6pm, with additional 7am drop off and 7pm collection available upon request.


You can get help with your Childcare Costs; find out more about Tax-Free Childcare here.


For details of the 3 year old free entitlement click here


For details of our extensive Extra Activities, click here



8am to 6pm
Days per week Standard Monthly Fee 3+ Year Old Monthly Fee (15hr Funded) 3+ Year Old Monthly Fee (30hr Funded)
5 £1306.93 £1072.21 £837.49
4 £1063.57 £828.85 £594.13
3 £851.76 £617.04 £382.31
2 £576.85 £389.16