Scampering Squirrels
(2-3 years)

When your baby is transitioning from Tiny Turtles to Scampering Squirrels, as much care and attention is given to this move as it is from when children first join the nursery from home. We know that moving rooms is a big step, as you and your baby would have built strong relationships with the key person and the team.  The key person will be involved in the transition and spend time with your baby in Scampering Squirrels for a period of settling in to help them transition to their new room and new key person.

Children in Squirrels are becoming more independent and the environment in this room reflects this. More of the learning resources can be chosen freely by the children, while being supported by the team.

The sprinkle of the teachings of Maria Montessori starts here in squirrels, Dr Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. In the Montessori approach the child is at the centre of education that is based on self- directed play.

A Key point to the Montessori Approach is: Children learn in an environment designed to meet their needs, learn best by experiencing the learning through practical methods the children should care for environment and care for themselves.

We build on the children’s high level of energy and fascination, providing them with learning experiences that are of interest to them. We encourage the children to try new experiences and seek out new challenges. Children are invited to choose when they would like to be in the outdoor learning environment and when they would like to have their snack time. We love watching and supporting them as they are starting to learn the art of self service at mealtimes.

Supported by our knowledgeable team, children can take part in worthwhile learning experiences across all seven areas of learning of the early years foundation stage (EYFS) in which ever area they decide to occupy.

In addition to the prime areas of the early years foundation stage (EYFS), we also focus on:


Children have the opportunity to make marks and practice their early writing skills in all areas of the nursery. Our teachers ensure that when the children are ready to move on from the nursery to school they have a love of writing and realise that they are writing for a purpose and not “just because”. These fun writing experiences are available for the children to learn through play, for example, writing with magic wands in sand trays or taking the order in the role play restaurant.

Children are shown that words in their environment mean something, for example, children are taken on local trips and shown the words around them. Children quickly understand that the words on street signs, shop windows or logos have a meaning.

Understanding the world

There is a big wide world beyond the borders of The Wigwam nursery. Children are encouraged to explore these areas with the support of their key persons. We support the children’s curiosity and show an interest in their own and other communities/groups of people.

The world of technology is forever changing and at a rapid rate, although children will not be immersed in this technology all day long, our teachers will explain to the them how modern technology can assist them in their lives. For example, if a child is interested in volcanoes they may be supported using an iPad to find discover more about the subject.

Children take part in activities that inform
them about cultures different to their own We aim for these to be a fun learning experience and answer any questions they may have.

We look forward to welcoming you to our nursery, and to meet the Scampering Squirrels team soon.

Mamoona Raziq – Level 3 Diploma for Children’s and Young People’s Workforce

Scampering Squirrels Room Leader




Maths is everywhere. That could be our motto at The Wigwam. Rather than flashcards and set-maths areas, our teachers teach the children that maths is all around them and it can be used in a very practical way. There may be simple activities that children can be involved in such as setting the table, counting the children’s cups, pairs etc. We work with numbers with the children so that they can quantify their learning. Rather than simply counting 1 to 10 the children will be encouraged to answer questions such as “What number comes before……?” The planning in the nursery is built around individual children. So if your child has the ability to count to a hundred we will continue to challenge them to count higher.

Teachers encourage children to see numbers in their environment such as door numbers and car registration plates. Also, to look at shapes in their environment, for example, to recognize that the clock is a circle shape. Children will be encouraged to estimate numbers and be given introductions to simple fractions and taught how these skills will problem solve for them, for example, how to cut a cake to share it equally among four.

Expressive arts & design

Our teachers encourage children to express themselves through media, such as, painting or mark making. The children’s work is displayed for all to see and give the children a sense of ownership of their own rooms. Our teachers ensure that it is the children’s own work that is displayed without any adult manipulation. We want children to be inspired to make their own creations, use their own colours, in three and two dimensions, using paint, play dough, gloop, boxes, loose parts etc.

Children are introduced to new songs and music on their journey throughout the nursery. If they come home singing new songs our staff will gladly teach you the words!

When the children are approaching the time to move up to Dancing Deers, our preschool room, we continue to support their independence to make the transition.

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