Tiny Turtles Room

Tiny Turtles

In the Tiny Turtles we can take up to nine babies. We look after babies as young as six weeks, into their first year. The time they move to the next room is individualised and is usually around the time when they become more mobile. It is a purpose-built baby room, which is light and airy with large windows at each end of the room for the children to look out of.

The room is divided into the main playroom, changing area and sleep room. We also have a sheltered area in the garden for your child to sleep in, if required.

Tiny Turtles

Our practice is based on a programme called Early Years Foundation Stage. This is a framework to support children in their earliest years. It provides information on child development, effective practice, examples of play activities to promote play and learning, guidance on planning and resourcing and meeting diverse needs.

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