Preschool Reading – Our Recent Activities

Preschool in Reading If you’re looking for a preschool in Reading, you’ll probably be wondering what activities your child will get to enjoy. We’re delighted to share with you some examples of the amazing activities we do at The Wigwam Day Nursery. At the Wigwam, we follow the preschool children’s interests. Activities and ideas are … Continued

Not Your Average Playdough Activity

Playdough activity idea from The Wigwam. Playdough activities are a childhood favourite, but you don’t need tubs full of ready made playdough and plastic accessories. At The Wigwam we try and make our activities a little bit different to create enhanced learning opportunities for children. Last week, our amazing staff team in our Tiny Turtles … Continued

A sandcastle in a suitcase….

Who would have thought an old suitcase could be transformed into a sandpit! Well, that’s just what we did at the Wigwam this week! A sand tray inside an old suitcase. Offering a wonderful opportunity to dig for real life treasures; what a fantastic invitation to learn and explore!  “The way in which we think about … Continued

Loose Parts

The children at The Wigwam Day Nursery in Reading are enjoying our move towards using authentic resources and loose parts. What are loose parts? Loose parts are different materials and objects, that when given to children can be or become anything the child wants We use loose parts such as pine cones, bottle top lids, … Continued