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Preschool in Reading

If you’re looking for a preschool in Reading, you’ll probably be wondering what activities your child will get to enjoy. We’re delighted to share with you some examples of the amazing activities we do at The Wigwam Day Nursery.

At the Wigwam, we follow the preschool children’s interests. Activities and ideas are generated from the children and supported, enhanced and provided by the staff.

Playdough Station

Recently, the preschool children have developed a keen interest in playdough. The practitioners in our Dancing Deer preschool room have spent time creating an amazing playdough station for the children to play with fantastic open ended resources. They can self select and today they were given additional spooky materials. The playdough station will remain a feature in the Reading preschool room, for as long as the children continue to be interested and excited by it. We’ll continue to add different resources, such as spices and flavouring options. Through the playdough station we can cover all areas of the EYFS and it’s all being done following the children’s interests.

preschool in reading

Mud Pie

It’s a childhood classic and creates endless fun, imagination and learning. The timeless mud pie is a favourite with our preschool children in Reading at the moment. Our mud kitchen is always available in the nursery garden and just this week we have seen some amazing adventures.

The mud pies had added flavours today, cocoa powder, vanilla and honey tea. Our preschool children decided to extend their own mud pie activity and set up a  dining table. One of our children has Italian heritage wanted to serve to spaghetti because he knows how! We thoroughly enjoyed the children allowing us to partake in hours of conversation, exploration and discovery. You can just see from the photos how much thought, team work and enthusiasm went into this activity. The learning opportunities are endless – imagination, role play, learning about different cultures, maths, team work….we could go on all day!

preschool in Reading

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