Eid Celebrations

Eid Celebrations!

Each room at our Reading Nursery celebrated Eid in their own way…

Tiny Turtles

Our youngest children had a music and movement session, listening to some cultural music, dancing and using instruments. They have been doing activities exploring colours. We’ve experimented with coloured rice and painting/decorating moons and stars. It’s also been a great opportunity for them to try new foods, tasting vegetable samosas and Biryani, which both went down very well! Please stop by and have a look at our display board showing how we celebrate different cultures.

Scampering Squirrels

Our Scampering Squirrels enjoyed decorating different Henna Patterns using paints, crayons and other materials. Such a great activity to explore shapes and creativity. Some the children were so proud of creating their own patterns. Like with our Tiny Turtles they also enjoyed tasting new foods and having a music and movement session.

Dancing Deers

The Dancing Deers threw an Eid party! The children were invited to dress up and some of the children wore cultural outfits from home. Others used our dressing up resources and scarves provided by staff members to dress up, they had a lot of fun! They all had the opportunity to have real Henna put on their hands by a staff member and chose what they wanted from a variety of patterns and shapes. They too enjoyed trying Biryani and Raiti as well as Samosas at their party. Some of the children were able to share stories about different ways that they celebrate festivals at home.

Celebrating different events and cultures is something we are very proud of at The Wigwam Day Nursery. We welcome parents at the nursery to share their experiences as well. If you’d like to help us run a session please do give us a call or speak to your Room Leader.

We also provide the children with access to different learning opportunities through our extra activities, including Spanish lessons.

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