Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea

Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea

Are you on the look out for a Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea? The Christmas break can be overwhelming for the little ones; a different routine, seeing different people and missing their nursery friends.

If you’re looking for a fun distraction that you can do together, how about this activity that is super fun for children and will keep them busy…hopefully!  The great thing with this Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea is that all the family can get involved and you can use as many different resources as you like.

Materials Needed

Large roll of paper



Markers, crayons, pencils…

Stickers, glitter, pom poms, wool, paint…whatever you’re feeling brave enough to use!

Activity – Create a Life Size Gingerbread Person  

Start by laying out a big roll of paper and taping down the ends, the paper has to be long enough for the child is going to lie down on it. As your child lies down use a pencil to trace around their body. A great opportunity to practice keeping still – tricky with the tickles from the pencil!  That’s the hard part done, now it’s time to decorate and be creative!

How about trying:

  • Can your child draw around you to create a grown up size gingerbread person?
  • How about drawing around a much loved teddy or doll?
  • Talk about the different sizes – can your child line them up in order of size?
  • Make up a story about your gingerbread person

This activity is great for

  • developing fine motor skills
  • encouraging self expression and creativity
  • language development
  • social skills – can you work as a team to draw around a family member or friend?

After all this talk of gingerbread men you might be feeling hungry! Why not make some delicious gingerbread men as well?

Gingerbread Christmas Activity Idea

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