Wigwam Ofsted and Maths Activities

Maths Activities at The Wigwam

We’ve been busy with more maths activities at The Wigwam! Activities have included:

  • Counting with stones and matching numbers.
  • Drawing round shapes
  • Opening padlocks with keys

All these activities are supporting children’s early maths, understanding of number, positioning, shape recognition, adding, subtracting, sorting and problem solving.

While we’re here, we thought we’d answer a question that we get asked a lot!

Wigwam Nursery Ofsted

We acquired the Wigwam Nursery in Reading in September 2017. As we are new owners, Ofsted will carry out an inspection within 30 months of us taking over the registration. You can read more about the Ofsted timescales for inspection here

As soon as we have our Wigwam Nursery Ofsted result, we will be updating our site!

As we haven’t had an Ofsted inspection at the Wigwam, we are unable to display any Ofsted ratings on the site. This includes the rating from the previous owners.

Fri 20th Sep