Tuff Tray Activities

Tuff Tray Activities

Tuff tray activities are a big hit across all of our rooms.

Tuff Tray Activities – Preschool

Within our preschool room we have used tuff trays in addition to drain pipes. This allowed the preschoolers to explore water. They used the drain pipes to pour the water and discover how it flows, what stops it flowing and how it can be used to fill up the boats. This was a fantastic activity for maths and science exploration. The preschoolers developed their skills in:

  • Sharing resources
  • Expressing and sharing ideas
  • Predicting
  • Counting
  • Maintaining concentration
  • Motivation
  • Critical thinking

Tuff Tray in our Toddler Room

Our toddlers have been exploring ice painting. This is an ideal activity for these curious toddlers to discover new wonders and enjoy some favourite messy play! This activity allowed us to explore and extend the children’s learning in areas such as:

  • Talking in a group “what happened when the blue and the yellow paint mixed”
  • Introducing science – why does ice melt?
  • Exploring how things feel – is the ice cold? Hard? Wet? Scratchy? Smooth?
  • Mark making – those all important fine motor skills and early writing development
  • Exploring the world – do we know of any animals who like to live in the cold?
  • Sharing and taking turns with our friends

We love providing simple activities that cover such a range of learning opportunities and allow us to develop your child’s vocabulary.

Early Writing Skills in our Baby Room

We used the tuff tray in our Tiny Turtles room to provide more amazing mark making activities.

Feeling the resistance as the children use the wet brushes in the flour supports muscle strength in their hands and arms. Early writing skills are encouraged by so many things other than paper and pencils. Mark making in flour with water and brushes support hand and eye coordination and strengthens the hand and arm muscles, as well as making marks a fun activity. All of these skills are required first before children are able to hold a pencil for writing.


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