Wigwam Nursery Ofsted

The Wigwam Day Nursery and Preschool in Reading is rated as ‘good’ in all areas by Ofsted

Our first Ofsted report as the new owners of the fantastic Wigwam Nursery has been published and we’re delighted with the views from the Inspector.

Ofsted found that the children at our Reading Nursery “feel safe and secure as they happily play and explore in the inclusive environment”.

At the Wigwam we strive for the best learning outcomes for every child and Ofsted agreed that we have “high expectations for every child”.


When you visit the Wigwam Nursery and Preschool we will tell you all about our key person system, and you can feel reassured that Ofsted consider the system to be “securely in place” meaning that our staff have a good knowledge of the children in their care.

We use many authentic resources and encourage children to take risks, especially in our preschool. Ofsted picked up on this approach and mentioned in their report:

Children have opportunities to take risks and develop their independence as they cut pumpkins with knives. They understand that knives are sharp, and the staff reinforce the importance of using these safely, such as ensuring they hold the handle. 


You can read more about our ethos and use of real resources here.

If you are considering a baby or preschool place for your child and speak another language at home, we have an experienced staff team who will support you and your family with this. According to Ofsted, we “provide effective support to help children learning English as an additional language to develop early communication and language skills”.

If you would like to speak to us to find out more about how we can do this, please do contact us.

You may have read our 5* parent testimonials on Facebook and Day Nurseries, and it’s something that Ofsted picked up on too!

Parents speak very highly of the staff within the setting and report how well their children are developing within the nursery 


While we are of course focused on the care and learning of the children, we are also committed to safeguarding and Ofsted agreed, finding that “leaders ensure that staff keep their safeguarding knowledge up to date”.

Staff are very aware of their roles and responsibilities in keeping children safe. 

You can read the full report here or get in touch to book your visit to the nursery.